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Cool enough for friends, but clean enough for the family, Manhattan Magic is a fresh, modern magic show that showcases incredible talent from around the world in an amazing, upscale theatrical environment. With different performers every week, Manhattan Magic is a premier venue for magic and variety performers in New York. It's a must-see event for anybody looking for a taste of the unordinary or extraordinary.

The show begins at 7 PM, but don’t wait until the last minute or you will miss out on our pre-show strolling magic beginning at 6:30 PM, when one of our professional close-up magicians will blow your mind while you are grabbing a drink in our gorgeous lobby and bar area.

During the show, which runs 1.5 hours, you can enjoy jaw-dropping comedy, impossible magic, and astounding acts that you have never seen before. 

So what are you waiting for? Reserve your tickets now and come experience the most magical show in New York City!


Manhattan Magic was created by Harrison Greenbaum and is co-produced by Harrison Greenbaum and Ben Nemzer.


Manhattan Magic (c) 2008
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